Quality & Fit

Why you want one of our corsets.

We use spring steel boning.

Not all boning is created equal.  Spring steel looks like a flattened coil.  In a corset this means added  comfort for the wearer (without sacrificing strength) and a longer life for your corset.  Plain flat steel boning, over time will act like a knife and cut through the boning channels as you move.  Spring steel moves with you.  Also, spring steel lets us create corsets with curved seams, allowing our patternmaker to create the perfect cut and style. Our spring steel bones are also tipped in steel and dipped so there is no risk of the ends damaging the fabrics.

Expert and Experienced Patternmaking and Design

​We want you to have a good corset experience.  Corsets are only uncomfortable when they are poorly fit or designed.  Our Designer, Andrea Marcinkus, has been making custom corsets for over 15 years.  She has made corsets for Marilyn Manson, Rasputina, The Cruxshadows, and many other private customers.  In that time she has learned a few patterning tricks to give you the best fit in a ready-to-wear corset.




Quality Fabrics and Leathers

We want corseting to be affordable, but who wants cheap, plastic-like fabircs, faux leather, and plastic boning?  We strive to bridge the gap between a bespoke corset (which can start at $400) and the cheapies peddled on auction sites.  All of our corsets are lined in 100% cotton twill fabric.  Its smooth, strong, comfortable, and breathes well.  We also use a strong polyester satin waist stay tape. This tape, often overlooked on lesser corsets, provides extra strength and support to the garment at the natural waist.  A technique borrowed from classic dressmaking, this simple device will give a more nipped-in look, and prolong the life of the corset.

We also want to make sure that the outside of your corset continues to look great over time.  This is why we are careful with what types of fabrics and leathers we source.  Our leathers are chosen to be sturdy and maintain their finish.  We use some synthetics for our cloth corsets, but not to worry – not all synthetics are created equal.  Our brocades are sturdy with thanks to the polyester while maintaining luster and shine.  Our velvets have a deep pile, lending a richness to color and texture, and they are durable.