This jewelry collection is a combination of electroformed, fabricated, and strung pieces inspired by the raw beauty of the earth. The pieces’ materials, shapes, and colors take reference from the discovery process of pulling natural minerals from the ground, and the cultural stamp of the refining process.

The partnership of the raw and refined runs throughout this collection: casual leather paired with gemstones, patina formed on a copper shape, a raw crystal emerging from a perfect circle, electroformed settings holding a cut gem. This collection celebrates the beauty of the unrefined, using polished elements as contrast to highlight the aesthetic of the raw.

Copper is the metal of choice for this collection because of its mutable nature.  The process of transformation and ageing was a muse, therefore, electroforming was a key method in the creation of these pieces.  Electroforming allows copper to deposit on conductive pieces through the use of electricity in an acid bath, creating natural textures and forms. This process is also open to the element of chance - electroforming creates random grooves, bumps, and shapes.  The other fabricated and strung pieces are inspired by the colors and shapes found in patinas and exhibit the juxtaposition of raw and refined elements. 


About the Artist:
Andrea Kolasinski Marcinkus has been creating jewelry for over 15 years. Tutorials and examples of her work have been published in Bead Style Magazine, Fiberarts Magazine, and on the Beads, Baubles & Jewels PBS television show. Marcinkus is also the co-owner of The Artifixer, a company creating neo-vintage clothing and accessories.

Please enjoy scrolling through the gallery below.  Each piece is unique - please contact for purchasing information or a custom design.  Pricing averages $40 - $250.